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Helping Your Child Trust The Dentist

February 15th, 2018



EVEN THOUGH WE ALL know how important it is to go to the dentist, dental anxiety can make many people avoid crucial dental checkups. For some, dental anxiety starts in childhood and lasts a lifetime. How can we help our children start out with a positive mindset towards the dentist so that they will always seek the professional care and attention their teeth need as adults?

Be Honest But Avoid Negativity

The most important thing you can do for your child is to not make a trip to the dentist into an ordeal. Simply approach it as a perfectly normal part of staying healthy. Tell your child about an upcoming dental visit ahead of time so that it isn’t a surprise, and answer their questions about what dental appointments are like. Try to avoid scary words like “pain” and “shots,” and leave the detailed explanations of dental procedures to us.

One crucial thing to do even when there isn’t an appointment coming up is to never use the dentist as a threat. Saying things like, “If you don’t brush your teeth, you’ll end up at the dentist!” will only make a child think dentist visits are punishments — something to be feared and avoided. You can still encourage good oral hygiene habits without portraying the dentist as the boogeyman.

Address Existing Sources Of Fear

If your child is already afraid of the dentist, you might have a little more of an uphill battle to fight, but it’s still a battle you can win! Communication is key. Talk to your child about why they’re afraid of the dentist and help them understand that it isn’t so scary. Lead by example and show them that you go to the dentist too.

Patience is also crucial. Even for adults, the idea of having a stranger poking and prodding inside our mouths while we’re lying in a vulnerable position can be unsettling, so imagine how that must be for a child who isn’t used to it. Make sure your child understands that dental cleanings will make their teeth feel great and that the dentist is on their team, helping them fight bad germs and tooth decay.

We Are Happy To Help

Sometimes, dental anxiety is too strong for these strategies to completely cure. That’s where we come in. Our team knows how to work with children to make them feel more comfortable, so don’t feel like you have to make them love us without our help! We also have an in-house pedodontist, a dental specialist for kids, Dr. Amanda Tsoi,  who is highly-trained in treating children of all ages.

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We’re looking forward to helping your child’s smile stay healthy and bright!

How To Pay for Dental Care in Low Monthly Payments

January 26th, 2018

Paying for dental care can be a daunting challenge. Insurance usually won't cover all the treatment you need and paying out-of-pocket can simply be out of your budget. In addition to accepting all PPO insurances and keeping our fees competitive, we also help you make it more manageable by accepting CareCreditSMCareCredit is a healthcare credit card that helps you pay for dental care over time with low monthly payments*

Plus, you enjoy these benefits:

  • Special interest-free financing options*
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Credit decision received almost immediately
  • Use for treatment not covered by your insurance
  • Use to cover costs for anyone in your household

What Patients Say About CareCredit
"Thanks to Care Credit, I was able to get my son's wisdom teeth removed. Since I did not have the money upfront, Care Credit was a great way to pay over time... I always recommend Care Credit to anyone that needs to finance a medical procedure..."
Karen C.

"I'm a single mom of two teenagers. Finances are tight. My daughter needed braces and she was in her last year of high school. She was embarrassed of her crocked teeth. If it wasn't for CareCredit, I would not be able to afford giving her the only gift she requested as a graduation present. Thank you CareCredit for helping me give my daughter her gift of perfect teeth."

Marie A.

Interested in CareCredit?
Give us a call at 650-273-4309. We can answer your questions and walk you through the application process. It's simple to apply and you find out if you qualify almost immediately.

Ready to Apply?
Use the button below to start your application process or give us a call at 650-273-4309 and together we can help you get the care you need today.






*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See for details

Fresh Reasons Your Dentist Wants You to Quit Smoking this Year

January 12th, 2018

THE DISEASE WE USUALLY think of when we hear “health risks of smoking” is lung cancer, but the damage smoking can cause isn’t limited to the lungs. A smoking habit can do a lot of harm to oral health as well, far beyond merely staining the teeth and causing bad breath.  Need more reasons to kick the habit this year or another article to share with a hesitant loved one? Read on to learn more about the ways smoking harms your smile:

Smoking Harms The Gums

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, begins with inflammation of the gums. If untreated, it can lead to extensive damage to gum and supporting bone tissue, and it enables bacteria to spread from the mouth all through the bloodstream. Smoking introduces hundreds of toxins into the mouth, which not only doubles the risk of developing gum disease, it makes it harder to treat.

Whitening Of The Oral Mucosa

Stomatitis Nicotina, or smoker’s keratosis, is the inflammatory swelling of mucous glands in the mouth. This shows up as thick, whitish patches on the roof of the mouth. While it is usually not painful, smoker’s keratosis can be pre-cancerous.

Increased Risk Of Oral Cancer

A staggering 80 percent of people diagnosed with oral cancer are smokers. Oral cancer affects the lips, tongue, cheeks, and throat. Early symptoms include persistent mouth sores or pain, unusual white patches in the mouth, difficulty chewing or swallowing, numbness, swelling, and a sensation of something caught in the throat that won’t go away. Because many of these symptoms can be caught early at a regular dental exam, the dentist is your first line of defense against oral cancer.

The Harm Isn’t Limited To The Smoker

Secondhand smoke combines the smoke from the end of the cigarette with the smoke exhaled by the smoker. Not only does smoking affect the oral health of the smoker, it can put the oral health of everyone around them at increased risk too, in addition to many other negative health effects. Infants and young children are most likely to suffer from this smoke with asthma attacks, infections, and even SIDS.

Breaking The Habit

The good news is that smoking is the most preventable causeof all of these dental health problems, because we can either quit smoking or never start. Even someone with a long history of smoking can significantly reduce their risk of health complications by quitting, so don’t assume there’s nothing to be gained by kicking the habit.

Make The Right Choice For Your Oral Health

If you want help to quit smoking, there are resources all around you. Support from friends, family, and even counselors can be the best help in quitting. You can also check out the CDC’s website for tips and information. As your dental care specialists, we care deeply about your health. We encourage you to quit smoking and schedule a dental exam so that we can make sure your mouth is staying healthy!

We care about the overall health of all our patients!

A Common & Expensive Mistake You Can Easily Avoid

December 1st, 2017

2017 IS ALMOST OVER Have you used your dental health benefits? Most dental plans don’t let the benefits roll over into the next year if they go unused. Funds left in your health savings plan may not ring the new year with you. You risk losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in benefits. It's a common and expensive mistake we see many patients make every year. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of all your benefits, then now is the time to do so!

Most insurances cover regular exams, x-rays and cleanings up to twice year. If you haven't come in for your regular check-up in the last 6 months, contact us today. Regular exams with your dentist not only helps ensure that your teeth are in good health but also helps us catch problems before they progress any further.

Don't Wait Any Longer!

We’re always looking out for our patients and want to make sure you’re taking the fullest advantage of your benefits! If you have any questions regarding dental insurance, stop by or call us today and we can help!