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Mahalo! Patient Appreciation Event


Patient Appreciation Party

Sunday, August 9th

Raffles, Bowling and Food!

Lei out your best strike, and win some tiki-rific prizes at our bowling luau, Mahalo!

How To Get Tickets

Due to popular demand, we will be raffling off tickets to select patients. To be added to our guest list,  your account must be in good standing and your contact information updated. Call (650) 273-6973 today to update your contact info!

1 Response to Mahalo! Patient Appreciation Event

Wendy Haney says:

Hana Hou!
Dr. Choi and dental family are so gracious with extras from dental kits to raffles and personal service fit for royalty. This message is a good push for me to Yelp for the first time. You deserve the kudos.

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