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Say Yes to The Filling: Why Saying No Will Cost You More

If you're ever been tempted to postpone a filling to try to save time and money, you could be doing just the opposite.

Consider this:

Decay Leads To More Decay... Until It’s Stopped

When decay erodes part of your tooth, fillings help us seal off and protect the vulnerable area. We place fillings because once a tooth starts to get decay, it’s almost certain the decay will only progress.

  • A cavity indicates that the area is decay-prone, whether that’s due to chewing habits, cleaning habits, or the bacterial climate.
  • Cavities can create crevices in your mouth that trap plaque and food particles, encouraging further decay.
  • The tooth’s outer enamel layer is much stronger than the inner, dentin layer. If decay breaches the enamel, it can progress dramatically, leading to severe pain and permanent tooth damage.

Be Proactive In Your Dental Care

Save time and money by fixing the problem while it’s still small. What a filling could have easily fixed could end up needing a crown or worse - a root canal. Don’t postpone getting a filling if it’s recommended. Protect your oral health by being proactive.

Fillings Need To Be Maintained, And Sometimes Refreshed

Occasionally, we may recommend that you replace a filling. The materials used in fillings can break down and weaken over time, which can lead to further decay and damage. During a replacement, we make sure that there’s no decay under the filling, and that the area is not compromised.

How We Help You Get Treatment Today

To help you get the dental care you need, we are open 6 days out of the week and have affordable payments options. Scheduling an appointment is easy when you have a team of dentists available nearly every day. If you need a same day, next day or even a Saturday appointment, we're here for you!

We know that saying yes, can be financially difficult. We try to be as flexible as possible by accepting most credit cards and dental insurances, as well as helping you secure financing through CareCredit or Lending Club. With healthcare financing, you can break down your treatment into smaller more affordable monthly payments so you can accept treatment now.

Apply for Financing for a Chance to Win a $100 Credit!

New applicants for CareCredit or Lending Club can enter our raffle for a chance to win a $100 in-office credit. If you get approved for $1,000 or more and start treatment by May 15, 2016, we will enter you into our drawing. Call (650) 262-6136 to discuss all your payment options and we will set you up with the best plan. Don't forget to mention you saw this blog!

Image by Flickr user MOVED! used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image modified from original.

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