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Dental Implants

dental implants

The Modern Lifetime Solution for Missing Teeth

People are living longer than ever, and while regular brushing, flossing, and checkups allow many of us to maintain our natural smiles for a lifetime, sometimes our teeth just can't keep up. If you've lost a tooth (or a few teeth) due to injury or disease, dental implants can rejuvenate both your smile and your oral health.

Why Choose South San Francisco Dental Care for Dental Implants?

One Team. One Location From beginning to end, your implant treatment is managed by one team working closely to ensure your care is consistent. 

In-House Specialist Your implant will be overseen by our highly-trained periodontist, Dr. Stanley Sun. An expert in his field and a noted lecturer, Dr. Sun, has successfully placed countless implants. 

Affordable Payment Options We offer interest-free financing, and accept most insurances and major credit cards.

What are Dental Implants?

An implant is a synthetic tooth root in the shape of a post that is surgically placed into the jawbone. The “root” is usually made of titanium: the same material used in many replacement hips and knees, and a metal that is well suited to pairing with human bone. A replacement tooth is then fixed to the post. The tooth can be either permanently attached or removable. Permanent teeth are more stable and feel more like natural teeth.

How Long do Dental Implants Last?

With proper daily oral care and hygiene cleanings, dental implants can last a lifetime. Recent clinical studies have shown a 98% success rate.

How Much are Dental Implants?

With insurance coverage, and financing, your monthly payments can start as low as $150 a month for one year. Total fees can vary depending on each individual patient's needs, ranging from $4,000 to $6,000 for each implant. Most dental insurances today cover dental implants up to 50%.  We also accept third-party financing with CareCredit and can help you apply.

Single or Multiple Implants

Implants are versatile. If you are only missing one tooth, one implant plus one replacement tooth will do the trick. If you are missing several teeth in a row, a few strategically placed implants can support a permanent bridge (a set of replacement teeth). Similarly, if you have lost all of your teeth, a full bridge or full denture can be permanently fixed in your mouth with a strategic number of implants.

Advantages over Dentures or Bridges

Conventional bridges and dentures are not fixed to the bone, and can therefore be unstable. This can make it difficult to eat or smile with confidence. Implants not only look more natural, but feel and act more like normal teeth, with a stronger biting force. And because they don't directly rely on neighboring teeth for support, implants don't compromise the health of your natural teeth. In fact, bridges are only expected to last seven to ten years, even less with root canals, whereas implants typically last a lifetime.

Post-Treatment Care

Consider your replacement teeth to be the same as natural teeth. They require the same daily brushing and flossing, and the same amount of regular checkups. Just like your natural teeth, the better you take care of your replacements, the longer they will last.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Find out if dental implants are right for you by scheduling a complimentary implant consulation* ($150 Value)  with our in-house periodontist, Dr. Stanley Sun. Your consultation fee will be credited towards your treatment fee. Call (650) 273-4323 or schedule your appointment online