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Dr. Sun and Cindy are awesome! They made all my visits as comfortable as possible, which is very important to me. I have always feared going to the dental office because of a traumatic experience when I was younger. However, these two made me trust dentists again. Dr. Sun is very smart and funny. I personally appreciate that he calls every after a procedure to check that everything went well. Cindy is specially caring and compassionate. I am a health practitioner as well and I truly appreciate the care I got and will be getting from these two amazing healthcare professionals. Keep it up!

Eunice B., March 2017


I had a great experience at South San Francisco Dental Care. Dr. Choi and all the staff were extremely kind and considerate. You can tell that they really care about their patients - offering drinks, always asking if I felt any pain whatsoever - I felt so well cared for! For convenience, they even fit me in the afternoon for my cavity fillings so I would not have to return to the office on another date. I would recommend them to anyone for both their expertise and the patient experience!

Amy K., March 2017


I was treated like a princess. I had a problem with a little pain and it was taken care of right away, and instead of just leaving me alone like so many dentists do saying they'll be right back, Dr. Choi let me know it was going ot be a while and when I said I'd just lie back and wait they gave me a blanket and turned out the lights.

Cindy H., March 2017


Dr. Choi was my dentist when I lived in the Bay Area 10 years ago until I moved back east. He and his staff left me with such a wonderful impression that I went back upon my return to the Bay Area a decade later! I am glad I did. They've only gotten better!

Wallis M., February 2017


Highly recommend SMILE South San Francisco Dental Care... From the moment I walked in, I was impressed with the friendly and professional manner resonating throughout the Dental practice. And the infrastructure of having General Dentistry, Cosmetic, Implants, Peridontal, Orthodontics and Sedation Services, on site, was very appealing to me. I had a full set of X-rays, Exam and Consultation scheduled for my initial visit. Dr. Lucinda Hall was absolutely wonderful! She carefully explained in detail the results of my examination and proceeded to plan out the course of my treatment. Dr. Hall then placed a flexible camera probe in my mouth which provided a view on a monitor of each tooth that was going to require treatment. I found this to be a visual affirmation and a positive approach for a patient to take ownership. I thought that I was going to have to return on a different day for my Teeth Cleaning and perhaps another day for my First Treatment. I was very surprised and pleased when the Staff was able to accommodate my Teeth Cleaning just minutes after my examination. And, Dr. Hall altered her lunch schedule to fit me in for my First Treatment. very, very grateful!!! Thank you to all..

Anna O., November 2016


I have an incredible amount of fear and anxiety when it comes to dentists. This was the first time in my life I was in very good hands. Everyone was so kind and professional and gentle. I will be doing my dental plan and work with the wonderful Dr A Choi. Thank you!

Eunice H., October 2016


Informative & Knowledgable

The staff at SSF Dental Care made me feel comfortable the entire time I was there. They were very informative and knowledgeable which assured me that I was in good hands. The office itself is up to date with what looked like new equipment and is overall kept very neat and clean. 

Patricia T., April 16, 2016


Best Experience Ever

Best experience EVER in a dental facility: everyone is nice - from front desk backwards. They spent all possible time to explain my options and were super gentle. Kudos!

Thais O., February 28, 2016

I've Been A Patient for Years!

Friendly staff, very professional. I've been a patient for years! Have had root canal work, bridge, veneers and now an implant . . . No complaints. All that I've done sounds dreadful and painful but honestly it was painless. Every step is explained. They make sure your comfortable. When the numbness stuff is administered they have a certain way with a shake here and there so you don't feel the needle. And while your there - they've got a Kuerig machine - variety of beverages and snacks if you haven't ate :-)

Rosemary F., January 18, 2016

Book an Appointment ASAP

I will definitely recommend South San Francisco dental to everyone I know the staff was so welcoming and polite, and more importantly Dr. Leslie and Isabelle were the very best, not only did they make sure I was ok during the process but what really impressed me was the follow up call that Dr Leslie did. So to all the people who are looking at this review look no more, book an appointment asap.

Warley V., December 20, 2015


Other Offices Can Learn From this Office's Act of Kindness

The doctor and staff were very professional and courteous. I appreciate the doctor patiently answering my questions. Elizabeth took great care of me and one of the volunteers went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend this office! I'm proud of this office for giving so much of their time for the community, other offices can learn from this office's act of kindness. We need more establishments to be a bit more generous of their time and empathy. Thank you SSF Dental Care!

Rihnei N., October 20, 2015

On Saturday Oct 18, I was chewing and I felt something hard in my mouth. I took it out and sure enough, it was a gold inlay from my lower right 12 year molar. I called Dr. Al immediately because I was going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic early Tuesday morning and desperately needed it to be re cemented prior to departure. Dr. Al took my call and told me to come in after work on Monday. I was relieved. On Monday I went in and was taken care of promptly. The inlay was re cemented and I was able to go on my trip with no concerns. The staff was wonderful, as usual and I recommend South San Francisco Dental to anyone who is looking for excellent dental care. I worked in the dental field for over 30 years so I know quality dentistry and professionalism when I see it. Even better, Dr. Al was one of my sponsors for the trip!

Etta B, October 18, 2015

Magic To My Ears

No one, me included, enjoys a trip to the dentist! I am a 30+ year satisfied patient of Dr. Choi and his staff.  Yesterday I went in for implant surgery - ugh!  From the days before and even the day after I still have anxiety.  Knowing about my anxiety AND my love and passion for Walt Disney, ALL of the the office staff decorated my room with Mickey and Minnie icons, complete with "ears".  Wow!!  This gives them a 101 + an "exceptional guest service" rating.    For Disney cast members this is magic to their 'ears'!  Special  kudos to Heather for making it all happen.  And Dr. Sun, you did great too!!   Thank you all for this special "treatment"!!  I think I might even enjoy my future visits in the "chair" - then again, maybe not, LOL!  Dr. Choi, you have the best "cast". ~Lavine M., August 8, 2015

They Go Out of Their Way

"I really like this place because they're very thorough in everything they do, from explaining insurance benefits to treatment plans. They go out of their way to make things clear and to make your experience very positive and comfortable." 
Kara B., July 23, 2015

Great Experience As Usual

"I had a great experience as usual from when you walk through the door to when you leave. This time I brought my son as a new a patient. He usually hates the dentist, but this time was very different. He said he likes the dentist now."
Monica P., July 22, 2015

They Have Never Disappointed Me

"One can describe this dental office as follows: "They always do more than is expected of them and work very hard to make sure that each patient gets excellent care." I have been with this dental team since November of 2008. They have never disappointed me."
Jack W., July 16 ,2015

Look No Further

As for the exam itself, I was taken in in a timely fashion. Everyone on the staff was incredibly friendly & professional. They were helpful in answering all my questions, and I had a lot as a first time patient here.  But my favorite part was during the exam, the doctor was so thorough in explaining what was going on. She told me everything she was doing before she did it, and then used a camera to go over each one of my teeth one by one and discussed the things she was seeing. She pointed out where my fillings were, where cavities were, where plaque was forming, etc., and she really made sure I understood all the information and what my next step will be. I could keep going on about how awesome this place is, but I'll just leave it here, if you're looking for a great dentist in the peninsula, look no further.
Megan S., May 20, 2015

The Quality of Care Makes Every Dollar Feel Worth It

"These guys are incredible. I'm someone who hadn't taken very good care of their teeth for several years, and was terrified to go the dentist. After finally getting a great job with dental insurance, I knew I would have to face the problems in my mouth, even though I was afraid that the cost would exceed what was covered. While I was right about that, the quality of care makes every dollar feel worth it. I am always reassured when anxious, to the point when I don't mind going in anymore to complete my procedures (crown & root canals), in fact, I feel pleasantly about spending time in their beautiful office. When, as mentioned, I surpassed my insurance, the front desk was very helpful in showing me a 0% finance plan that I was able to use, and they're also awesome about working with my schedule. I have seen two dentists in the practice so far, and can't speak highly enough about either of them."
Juliette S., April 30, 2015

They Definitely Won My Trust

"Best dental office & dental staff ever! The front office staff was extremely courteous and professional. I cracked my tooth & needed to find a dentist ASAP since my regular dentist was out of the country. After looking through Yelp, I called South San Francisco Dental Care & they were able to take me the very same day. Dr. Hall was gentle and thoroughly explained what they needed to do. I ended up needing a root canal (never had one before & I was petrified!) and again, they were able to immediately accommodate my schedule for the root canal. Dr. Peritore, Endodontist, was just beyond awesome. He put me at ease & made me feel so comfortable before, during & after the procedure. I never expected a root canal to be so painless and easy!! I highly recommend Dr. Peritore and Dr. Hall. I had multiple appointments and everyone I encountered was extremely friendly, attentive & professional. They definitely won my trust. I will be going to them from now on - and so will my young daughter! Thank you so much South San Francisco Dental Care!"
Kanani C., April 14, 2015

Made Me Feel More than Just a Patient

As soon as I stepped in, the receptionist handed me a care package and gave me a personal tour of the entire office! She literally showed me every room and thoroughly explained each room's function. It made me feel very welcome and I knew I wasn't going to get lost. Dental Hygienist Mrs. Le was very friendly and attentive to my sensitivity and pain during the general cleaning process. It was the gentlest yet effective general cleaning I've received at a dental office thus far. She was engaging in her conversation and made me feel more than just a patient. I couldn't respond too much cuz she was cleaning my teeth lol. After she finished Carlos gave me a complimentary x Ray. Dr. Brian throughly checked every tooth and every space and advised how to take care of my teeth and gums. I'm going back in April to get fillings and a possible custom night guard. Overall experience was welcoming and I felt cared for. Highly recommended!
Soul C., March 21,2015

The Quality of Care Makes Every Dollar Feel Worth It

"As always, I was extremely pleased with the dental care Dr. Kelvin Choi and his staff provided to me. He was quite professional in diagnosing my problem and along the way telling me the steps on why he reached his opinion. Since going to South San Francisco Dental Care I know whatever dental problem I have, they will help me resolve the problem!"
Milton D., March 21, 2015

Absolutely the Best in Every Possible Way

"Dr. Choi and his staff (receptionists, hygienists and dental assistances) are absolutely the best in every possible way. I thought my previous dentist was excellent until I was introduced to Dr. Choi some years ago. I am almost reluctant to recommend Dr. Choi so highly because I am afraid to not be able to make an appointment with him."
Elena P., March 11, 2015

I am beyond pleased with the end results!

I cannot say enough about the care and service that has consistently been extended to me over the last 20 years by Dr. Choi and staff. I am probably the most demanding patient of them all (on top of having high anxiety about going to the dentist!). Dr. Choi has never balked at my repeated requests and has always gone out of his way to make me feel super comfortable. At 44 years old, my teeth and the overall health of my mouth have not been better! I contribute it all to the detailed care that Dr. Choi and team consistently extends. I had some concerns over having a crown replaced recently. Dr. Choi and team went to the extent of making sure the prior lab technician was identified to ensure the color consistency on my new/old crowns was a perfect match. I am beyond pleased with the end results! Bottomline, this is a state of the art dentist office with a highly trained/dedicated team and superb client/patient services!
Amanda Z., February 17, 2015

I Will Continue to Use the for all My Future Needs

"I had to find a new dentist. My previous dentist was overwhelmed with his current clients and he was not giving me quality time as to how I should proceed in the future with my dental care. I found South San Francisco Dental care and was amazed by all the professionals working in one office. No reason to drive all over town to see this specialist or that specialist. They are all there. After my initial evaluation, I was very impressed as to the thoroughness of their exam and in explaining to me what I should start to do. They were very welcoming and professional, and I will continue to use them for all my future needs."
Cheri P., January 29, 2015

Incredible Team!

My friends I want to thank the incredible team at South San Francisco Dental Care for the wonderful job they did on my teeth. My treatment began with a root canal done by Dr. Victor Peritore. We all know that a root canal is the nightmare of any one going to the dentist. Some people claim that it is more painful than giving birth to a child. (Being a male I cannot confirm or deny this!) Dr. Peritore did an excellent examination and proceeded to do the actual root canal. We had a huge crisis during surgery. He was concerned that my tooth might have been cracked. If he had not been able to save the tooth, it would have had to be extracted. Putting in a replacement tooth would have been a very painful process costing thousands of dollars and not generally covered by dental insurance. Dr. Peritore worked for two hours and saved the tooth. I was then seen by Dr. Lucinda Hall. She did an excellent job of doing the build up on the crown above the root canal and filling six cavities. When I came home and the pain medicine wore off I did not suffer pain or discomfort. I have been with this dental practice for almost seven years. They have always given excellent treatment and treated me like a wonderful and a special person.
Jack W., January 21, 2015


Best Dentists in the Area!

The best Dental care professionals in the area. Super friendly staff, clean place, polite and very reliable doctors. I've had few procedures done here including retreatments and crown. I expected and was ready for  huuuge pain, but that never happened. Only noise and few random ideas like what movie to watch coming weekend, who is the best soccer player(Ronaldo or Messi) took me through no-pain-at-all procedures with closed eyes. Doctor Fen (sorry if I misspelled), Dr Choi, we thank You :). You rock!
Husan M., November 1, 2014

Dental Implant Success

“I had a dental implant and the dentist was excellent as always. He was skilled, friendly, and interactive with me throughout the procedure. I’ve had previous implants done by him and all of them are working fine.”

Milton D. , January 30, 2014

Amazing Job with Wisdom Teeth Extractions

“I was there last week for extractions of wisdom teeth. I only had two wisdom teeth to be removed and they did an amazing job.

“Elizabeth and Brenda answered all questions and concerns I had before the procedure started. I’ve heard so many horror stories about impacted wisdom teeth and the pain from removing them. I was hoping to be knocked out, but they assured me that numbing the entire area would be fine and I wouldn’t feel a thing.

“Dr. Sun was amazing! I didn’t even realize he had taken one tooth out; he talked me through the procedure and let me know exactly what I would feel and what to expect and what noises I was hearing.

“I went in a little anxious and nervous, but as usual they took care of me and were very informative. I walked out a little swollen but fully able to talk and felt great! They’ve called me to follow up a couple of times and I have to say it’s been five days since the procedure and completely fine with no swelling or soreness.

Cured me of my fear of the dentist!

“I think South San Francisco Dental Care might have cured me of my fear of the dentist. I have had nothing but positive experiences here. Even my dreaded deep cleaning went well. I couldn’t be more pleased. Dr. Choi and her entire staff rock! If you are like I was, afraid to go to the dentist ... long overdue for a checkup ... know you need dental work done but are afraid ... you must go here! They will change your opinion of the dentist starting with your very first visit. It took me 50 years to become so afraid of the dentist I didn’t want to get my teeth cleaned. It took these people three visits and I have no more fear!”
Patsy A., December 31, 2013

No “Wait Time”

“In all of my visits, the hygienist, Lailani, and Dr. Choi (both Dr. Chois) are always timely and there is no ‘wait time’ spent in the waiting room. This is important to me since I am the fidgety type when it comes to medical appointments.”
Dennis L., November 31, 2013

Love you all!

“I have been scared of having dental work done all my life … however, from the first visit I knew I was in the right place even if my insurance did not cover. I was made so comfortable. They are caring and understanding. I had all my work done. I am so happy I found you! Love you all! I will recommend you for sure.”
Maria G., August 15

Complete Confidence

“As always, the staff was friendly and proficient. The wait time was not long. I had a toothache and they saw me quickly. Dr. Sun, who worked on my tooth, did an excellent job. I have complete confidence in the staff at South San Francisco Dental Care to handle any of my dental needs.”
Milton D., August 6, 2013

Best Experience I Have Ever Had

“Best experience I have ever had at a dental visit EVER!!!! Everyone was so nice and respectful and I felt like I have known them forever! Clean and very professional, I would highly recommend them to anyone, and trust me on this advice, because I have been with over 10 different dentists and they are so far the best and their dental work they do is excellent!!! TRUST ME!!! Just go there!”
Patrick C., July 13, 2013

I Absolutely Love Everyone!

“I absolutely love everyone at SSF Dental Care! Their staff treats every client with the utmost care, respect, and attention and provides the most comfortable and relaxing experience I have ever had from a dentist or doctor’s office. The last time I was in the office, Dr. Fenn gave me a crown and two fillings and I nearly fell asleep in the chair. I would recommend their office to anyone who has ever dreaded going to the dentist; you won’t once you’ve been to SSF Dental Care!”
Michael D., June 6, 2013

Easy! Kind! Excellent!

“I am thankful to Dr. Choi and his staff in every aspect. Easy appointment scheduling, kind staff, and excellent outcome of treatments are always appreciated!”
Peter K., May 5, 2013

Helpful Kind Hearts

“Everyone in the office was very nice, so helpful, kind hearts, understanding, very professional, and outstanding, I will have them as my dentist and for my family and friends to go and see them for dental work. Thank you all again.”
Nick C., October 14, 2013

Love it Here!

“Each staff member was pleasant, friendly, and very courteous. I noticed all staff smile at the waiting room as well when they walk by. Great touch! This makes patients feel comfortable and Dr. Fenn is great. Love it here!”
Carlene Vasquez, April 14, 2013

Always Makes Me Feel Glad I Found this Place

“Always makes me feel glad I found this place. I use to be frightened to go to the dentist.... These folks took that fear right away!! I have a healthier mouth because of you. Thanks!!”
Sherry M., October 24, 2013