Restore Your Smile & Bite

First! What are dental implants?

Let's cover the basics

If you've lost a a tooth or several teeth due to an injury or health disease, don't worry! We provide dental implants that can completely rejuvenate your smile and oral health. Dental implants look, feel & function just like your natural teeth. You won't know what your missing!


One Team. One Location.

 From beginning to end, your implant treatment is managed by one team working closely to ensure you receive the best results possible and that your life-long investment lasts.


Dental Implants


Looks, feels & functions just like your natural teeth.

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Better alternative to dentures that give you full support and function.


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Mini-Dental Implants


Smaller alternative to dental implants 

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Bone Augmentation

Restore bone structure to support dental implants

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Meet Your Dental Implant Specialist

Dr. Jonathan Weng, DDS, MS

Implant Specialist

You can be assured you are receiving the best possible care from a dental implant expert. Dr. Jonathan Weng is your in-house periodontist highly trained with many years of experience providing successful dental implants in South San Francisco.

 "I just completed an implant with Dr. Choi and Dr. Weng, it turned out great! They have all the latest technology combined with expert technique, attention to details. Well trained, friendly staffs of assistants." 


Jean L.

"He's gentle, has great energy, very through and he aims to please all his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Weng if you're looking for a periodontist. Dr. Weng is exceptional and well-experienced"


Willis G.

Check our guide to dental implants!

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