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Dental case studies
Case Study
Cosmetic Crowns



Original cosmetic crowns were done 10+ years ago with the best option available at the time - porcelain fused to metal crowns. Patient was unhappy with opaque unnatural appearance of the crowns. Over time as the gums receded, the metal substructure began to show as a dark line near the gums. 



Replace crowns with highly esthetic all porcelain restorations and porcelain fused to zirconia (a white metal) to eliminate dark lines from appearing again

Case Study
Cosmetic porcelain veneers



Existing composite veneers which were chipped and worn, causing stain to be trapped around the edges that couldn't be brushed away. There was also chipping and wear on the lower front teeth. The patient desired a more even and brighter smile.



Remove old composite bonding on upper front teeth and replace with porcelain veneers; veneers on chipped lower teeth

Case Study
Alignment of crowded teeth



Patient was unhappy with shape and color of teeth as well as overall alignment. Orthodontic treatment, or braces, was discussed as a corrective option but the patient declined.


Porcelain veneers were placed on the front teeth to improve esthetics, function, and alignment.

Case Study
Root caries and worn teeth



Years of wear on the lower front teeth created notches on the root surfaces and chewing edges of the teeth, which were stain magnets.The patient didn't like the discoloration of the lower front teeth and the aged appearance it gave.


Veneers placed on the lower front teeth to even out the biting surfaces, align teeth, and smooth the root surface so it doesn't trap stain

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