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Women Are Healthcare Leaders!

Updated: 9 hours ago

DID YOU KNOW 2022 WAS THE FIRST YEAR that dental school graduates were more likely to be female than male? March is Women's History Month, and not only this month but every month, we recognize and celebrate the ways in which women have contributed greatly to the dental field!

As your South San Francisco dental practice, we are proud that a majority of our own general dentists, hygienists and dental assistants are women, including one of our practice owners, Dr. Alexandra Choi!

From the 19th century when Elizabeth Morey invented the first dental crown, to the late 1800s when Dr. Emeline Roberts Jones became the first woman to practice dentistry, there are countless ways, that women have paved the way for all dental dental specialties, including pediatric, orthodontics, and endodontics.

We wanted to celebrate our women providers, hygienists and assistants who are so beloved by our patients for their caring demeanor, patient personalities, professionalism and expertise. Read on to learn more!

Dr. Alexandra Choi

Dr. Alexandra, affectionately known as Dr. Al, was exposed to dentistry through her father, Dr. Kelvin Choi who established South San Francisco Dental Care! But did you know that Dr. Al's initial career interests began in engineering? Once she learned of the healing powers and aesthetic potential of dentistry, she decided to pursue dentistry at the University of the Pacific.

She loves helping her patients feel empowered by providing compassionate, professional and comfortable service and education, so they can lead a life of excellent oral health.

Dr. Kamille Mercado

Dr. Kamille's passion for dentistry first began when she interned for her dentist in high school. As she learned more about the artistry of dentistry, her interest and passion for the field grew. She earned her DDS degree from University of the Pacific and was even inducted into the Tau Kappa Omega Honorary Society for her research in dental pulp stem cells and her academic achievements.

Having the ability to help patients get out of dental pain, educate them about oral health, and improve the appearance of their smile, and ultimately improve their quality of life, is very fulfilling and motivating for Dr. Kamille.

Dr. Lauren Chan

Although Dr. Lauren grew up running around her father's dental office, she initially pursued other career paths outside of dentistry before realizing that nothing compares to the relationship a dentist has with a patient who has been coming to see them for many years.

A graduate of the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA where Dr. Lauren earned her DMD, she knows that many people have a tendency to hate going to the dentist, and enjoys creating a safe space where patients can actually feel at ease and cared for!

Dr. Erin Shah

A native of the Midwest, Dr. Erin worked in several managerial and consulting roles before discovering her passion for dentistry while managing board examinations for the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. While pursuing her pre-dental training at Loyola University Chicago, she worked at a busy pediatric dental office where she realized her passion for working with kids.

Not only does Dr. Shah love tending to the youngest patients in our office, but she enjoys pouring into the community, volunteering her time providing dental care at local community clinics in Oakland and Marin County, as well as organizing free dental care efforts through the California Dental Association!

Dr. Minerva Loi

Dr. Loi is one of our in-house endodontists, and is a proud San Francisco native. She completed her undergraduate studies at UC Davis before attending UCSF where she obtained her DDS degree. Dr. Loi received several honors in both research and academics, continuing her education at UCSF for her residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery where she received her MD and surgical certificate.

Dr. Loi loves bringing personalized care to the community, and has volunteered in locales as far as Scotland, Costa Rica and Vietnam!

Lailani Nusbaum, RDH

Lailani is known for her gentle and attentive care, ensuring that patients feel confident and comfortable in her hands. She loves getting to know her patients during their visit and helping them to learn more about keeping their teeth and gums in excellent shape! When she's not taking care of patients, Lailani loves to garden, bake and spend time with her daughters.

Megan Bodeen, RDH

Megan grew up as a patient of South San Francisco Dental Care, and it was her hygienist who inspired her to take better care of her teeth, which Megan now wants to help with her own patients! She enjoys getting to know her patients and learning of ways to make them feel supported in their oral health journey. Outside of the office, Megan likes to explore the beauty of the Bay Area, from the beaches to the mountains.

Sarah Zamora, RDH

Sarah initially became interested in dentistry after volunteering with her church to provide free dentistry in Mexico. She remembers how she felt as an adult dental patient, and never wants any of her patients to feel bad or embarrassed about their questions! She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and always aims to do so with a cheerful and helpful attitude. When she's not taking care of our patients, Sarah enjoys spending time with her dog, collecting antique jewelry and watching movies.

Stephanie Mak, RDH

Stephanie began her dental pursuits on the administrative side, before becoming interested in the dental arts and attending hygiene school at Carrington College. She likes learning about the needs of her patients, and helping them to learn more about their oral health and hygiene so they can feel good about their smile! When she's not in the office, you can find Stephanie spending time with her family, exploring all of the Bay Area's fun food spots.

We also want to shout-out our amazing RDAs, Isabel, Cindy, Yoly, and Krissy, and our phenomenal admin team! We are proud of all of the impressive and smart women who make our practice run smoothly and take great care of our patients, from making their first appointment to receiving their last treatment.

Women Are Vital Healthcare Leaders

Although we believe everyone should take the lead in their own dental heath, women are often the leaders in their own family when it comes to healthcare decisions and dental health. They are also more likely to practice good oral hygiene and go to the dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. This means women also have less incidences of untreated tooth decay, and tooth loss compared to men. Whether they are trailblazers in history, or excellent dentists in today's practices, we celebrate women for being excellent dental role models! How are you celebrating the women leaders in your life?




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