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Why do bi-yearly checkups matter?

Just as you get an annual physical exam with your doctor, your dental check-ups are meant to focus on your oral health. By visiting your dentist twice, a year, we can detect dental conditions before they get worse. Some dental conditions may not cause pain or discomfort until they develop into serious cases. These visits are a preventable approach to ensuring you maintain a healthy smile.

What is a general dentist?

General dentists are the primary dental care providers for patients of all ages. They can treat you and your entire family and care for your overall oral health. Your general dentist takes responsibility for the diagnosis, treatment and overall coordination of services to meet your oral health needs.

What is a dental specialist?

In some cases, a general dentist will collaborate on your dental case with a specialist such as Pedodontist (Dentist for children), Periodontist (Gum treatment), Endodontist (Root canals), Orthodontist (Invisalign and braces), to make sure your treatment is successful.

When should my child see a dentist?

In order to prevent dental problems, your child should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, or no later than his or her first birthday. We have an in-house specialist for kids who can help manage their special needs.

What are some signs I should see a dentist?

These are some signs that indicate you should visit us:

  • You are currently pregnant

  • Your mouth is often dry

  • You don’t like the way your smile or teeth look

  • Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures

  • Your gums are swollen and bleed when you brush or floss

  • You have fillings, crowns, dental implants, dentures, etc.

  • You have bad breath or bad taste in your mouth even after you brush your teeth

  • You have difficulty chewing or swallowing foods

  • You have a medical condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders or are HIV positive

  • You smoke or use other tobacco products

  • You are undergoing medical treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy or hormone replacement therapy

  • Your jaw sometimes pops or is painful when opening and closing

  • You wake up with sore teeth, headache, and or jaw pain

  • You have a spot or sore that doesn’t look or feel right in your mouth

What can I expect during a dental checkup?

We will ask about your medical history, examine your mouth and decide whether you need digital x-rays. Then, one of our hygienists will assess your gums for gum disease. Lastly, one of our dentists will evaluate your overall dental health and conduct an oral cancer screening by holding your tongue with gauze, checking it and your whole mouth, then feeling your jaw and neck.

How safe are dental X-rays for kids and adults?

We use digital X-rays which are a common diagnostic procedure that is considered extremely safe for kids and adults.

What should I do if I have a fear of going to the dentist?

The first thing you should do is talk with one of dentists. There are many options that can be used to help reduce your fear, anxiety, and pain. In fact, dental anxiety or fear is very common. It is manageable as long as you discuss your fears with us.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept all PPO dental insurances and we are in-network with Delta Dental Premier.Learn more about our flexible payment options.

Are you accepting new patients?

Absolutely. We are accepting new patients. You can rely us for same day care, flexible payment options and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Request an appointment online.

Do you accept Medi-Cal or Denti-cal?

We currently do not accept Medi-cal or Denti-cal but we do have flexible payment options available, competitive fees and special offers to help make dental care more affordable.