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Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

At South San Francisco Dental Care, we offer the Nite White Home Teeth Whitening Kit to keep our patients teeth shining bright. We have found this product is the safest and most effective whitening solution in the market. 

Benefits of Philips Zoom Nite White System

  • Custom-made tray to hold bleaching gel  to your teeth comfortably
  • Safe and effective bleaching solutions that strengthens while it whitens your teeth
  • Professional Formula Scientifically Proven to Strengthen and Smooth Teeth as It Whitens


About Nite White Home Teeth Whitening

Nite White is one of the most effective and gentle professional-strength formulas on the market today. Unlike whitening strips or bleaching trays found at retail stores, your custom-made tray ensures a comfortable fit and successful whitening of your entire smile. It is also the first at-home teeth whitener to strengthen and smooth tooth enamel by filling in microscopic tooth surface defects. The professional strength and low-sensitivity formula ensures your treatment is gentle, safe and effective. 

Our Whitening for Life Program

Our Whitening for Life program is great for patients who are committed to having a bright healthy smile. 

How it Works

We will create a custom-fit whitening tray in office and give you a set of bleaching gels to get your started. You wear the trays for several nights while you sleep until you reached the desired brightness. To maintain your radiant smile, you receive a new bleaching gel every 6-months at your regular exams and cleanings. 

Get started today! For one low enrollment fee of $299, you too can enjoy the confidence of a healthy bright smile - for life!