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Our Enhanced Infection Control for Hygiene Cleanings

Updated: 2 days ago

Our hygienist, Megan, demonstrates our new safety protocols for your next hygiene cleaning in a video. It highlights the extra sanitation steps as well as the new advanced aerosol reduction equipment we've installed for your safety and comfort. Click on the image below to watch the video!

Schedule Your Next Hygiene Cleaning Today

If it has been more than six months since your last hygiene cleaning and dental check-up, schedule today at www.ssfsmile/booknow or call/text (650) 871-1400.

Our hygienists, dentists and staff all check and log their temperature when arriving and leaving the office.

Megan wearing our additional protective gear. Disposable gear is replaced between every appointment.
We sanitize the air with non-toxic solution commonly used in food preparation and hospital settings.
The unique leaf shape captures aerosols in your mouth from all directions.

This extra-oral device captures and sanitizes aerosols that escape your mouth during treatment.


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