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You Can Breathe A Little Easier During Your Next Visit

We’ve invested in new aerosol reduction and air sanitation equipment for your protection.. By combining these new tools with COVID testing for staff every 2 weeks, virtual consults, temperature checks and a reduced schedule, we can provide essential dental care in a safer environment for you and our team.

Aerosols Being Vacuumed by ADS Dental EOS - Extraoral Suction System

Extraoral Aerosol Reduction

ADS Dental EOS - Extraoral Suction System

During your next treatment, you may experience the most powerful tool we have in the practice - the ADS. Placed near your mouth, this medical grade filtration system vacuums and sanitizes droplets that are released during treatment.

The Green Releaf Intraoral Suction System

Intraoral Aerosol Reduction

Releaf Intraoral Suction System

This small but powerful green device helps prevent aerosols by continuously evacuating saliva in your mouth without the need to pause for suctioning. The hand-free system also allows your provider to work more efficiently so you can get home sooner.

Treatment rooms are fogged with a non-toxic hypochlorous acid solution clinically proven to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Advanced Air Sanitation

Humidifiers and HEPA Air Filtration