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Event Info

Smiles for All

brought to you by South San Francisco Dental Care


October 20, 2019

Doors open 8am


2400 Westborough Blvd

South San Francisco, CA 94080

What to Bring
  • Layer of Clothing 

  • List of prescription medicines

  • A translator, if you are not an English speaker (Si no habla ingles, favor de venir con traductor, o con una persona que hable Ingles)



Registration begins at 7:50am. Doors open at 8:00am. Due to high demand and limited capacity, we highly recommend lining up before 8:00am. We will be treating all patients on a first-come and first-served basis. There are no appointments or reservations accepted for anyone.


Services Provided:

Please note that we will be providing a cleaning, a filling or extraction.  It would be helpful to know what service you need when you register but it is not required. You will also receive a dental exam to determine the best service for you. 


Treatment Acceptance

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We will not be providing treatment to minors under 18 years of age, but we will be able to offer a screening, fluoride varnish  and hygiene education for kids. Please note that screenings for kids are from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.


Patient process

Patients will go through registration, a medical history screening, a dental exam and/or treatment.

  1. Registration Get your ticket and submit your patient health history

  2. Medical History Screening includes a blood pressure test and medical history assessment to determine if you are able to receive treatment

  3. Dental Exam intraoral camera exam by a dentist that will determine what treatment you should receive. 

  4. Treatment - Receive a filling, cleaning or examination


Wait Times

Wait times can vary from 30 minutes to 6 hours. You may be able to leave and return to the premises for treatment after registration. Please note that we will not able to contact you to return for treatment and we cannot save your spot if you do not return in time.


Lines for a specific treatment  may be shorter than another. For example: We will have oral surgeons who are only providing extractions and hygienists who are only providing cleanings. The line for extractions is generally shorter than the hygiene cleanings. If you are waiting for a hygiene cleaning, someone who arrived after you for an extraction may be seen before you are.


Limited Capacity

We will only have a limited amount of extractions, cleanings and fillings for the day. If a treatment you want is no longer available, we highly recommend continuing to have your dental exam with us. You may possibly require a treatment other than what you expected to have. If all services are booked for the day, we recommend having a dental  exam in order for you to assess what treatments you should receive elsewhere. We will also have a list of sources to receive low or no-cost dentistry around the city. 

What to Wear 

Note the main waiting lot will be in a tented areas outdoors. We recommend bringing a layer of clothing in case of cold weather and hats and sunglasses in case of sunny weather.


Non-English Speakers

If you are not an English speaker please bring an interpreter. We will have very limited access to spanish language translators and will not be able to provide treatment if you do not have one.


Si no habla Ingles, favor de cou venir una persona que hable Ingles. Tenemos un numero limitado de voluntarios que hablan espanol para ayudar a traducir. No vamos a poder proveeer tratamiento si el doctor no puede comunicerse con usted.


Handicap Accessibility

There is wheelchair access for treatment areas including ramps and an elevator.


Photography & Videography

Please note there will be photography and videography on the public areas including by those in the media and press.


Screenings for Children at 10am

We will not be providing treatment to minors under 18 years of age but we will be able to offer  only a screening, fluoride varnish and hygiene education for them. Please note that: Screenings for kids start later in the morning at 10am. 


Parking & Public Transit

There is limited free private parking on the grounds.The Sam Trans bus line 121 and 122 are the nearest bus stops. 


Contact Us

Any =questions or concerns, please e-mail Please note that we are not accepting appointments or reservations for Smiles for All. 

Please do NOT call South San Francisco Dental Care, our office lines will be closed during the day. 

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