Reverse Gum Disease in Days


Gentle Laser 

Comfortable treatment uses a laser to target only disease tissue. No cuts and no stitches.

Quick Procedure

After two 2-hour visits, you will be able to return to normal activities.

High Success Rate

98% of cases are successful and recover with little complication.

Effective and safe.

PerioLase Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is the latest technology used by periodontists for safe and effective gum tissue restoration and periodontal tissue therapy. This revolutionary new treatment is a minimally invasive procedure and requires no cuts or stitching. 


This video illustrates the gentle non-invasive LANAP procedure. A laser fiber the width of three human hairs targets disease, but leaves healthy tissue intact.

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Dr. Jonathann Weng
Certified LANAP Specialist

Our in-house periodontist is one of only a handful of specialists certified and trained in providing LANAP in the San Francisco Bay area.

Certified LANAP Provider

What is PerioLase LANAP?

An FDA-cleared laser treatment called the LANAP protocol offers a less painful, more successful treatment alternative to conventional surgery. LANAP=LAR is the only scientifically, research proven methodology that results in true periodontal regeneration, new bone growth and gum tissue reattachment. The LANAP=LAR treatment is one of the most successful protocols in treating gum disease because it can target the source of the inflammation without hurting or removing any healthy gum tissue, slow or stop attachment loss and decrease pocket depth, and allowing the body to recover from the chronic infection without the need for scalpel or sutures.

What are the benefits of PerioLase?

Compared to traditional gum surgery, LANAP benefits you in many ways:

  • Faster healing: LANAP is minimally invasive and allows the body to recover and heal faster. Most patients can immediately return to their daily routine.
  • Less discomfort: LANAP expedites healing and decreases the need for post-operative pain medication
  • Less gum recession: Because the procedure removes only damaged tissue, gum line recession is minimal
  • Less in inflammation and bleeding: LANAP surgery can remove up to 90% of oral inflammation in one visit reducing swelling and bleeding
  • Saves teeth: Patients can keep their natural teeth sometimes even when the teeth have been badly damaged
  • Regenerates bone: LANAP treatment is the only protocol that is scientifically proven to regenerate bone and tissues around teeth.

PerioLase or Traditional Gum Surgery?

In traditional gum surgery, a scalpel is used to reflect the gum tissue, clean pockets and reduce the pocket depth by cutting gum tissue. Sometimes the use of bone grafting or membrane materials is needed in order to achieve reattachment of the gum tissue to the root surface of the tooth.

PerioLase surgery does not require the use of a blade, or sutures! It is a minimally invasive surgery that results in very little recession and pain for the patient. The laser can tell the difference between the diseased tissue and the healthy tissue, making it a precise treatment. This means all means that we can remove the diseased tissue and bacteria from your gums without cutting or removing healthy tissue!

What to expect during treatment?

LANAP periodontal surgery is a full-mouth procedure usually completed in two, 2-hour visits. Splinting of loose teeth may occur during this visit if necessary. One side of the mouth is completed during the first visit, and a week later the other side is then completed at the second visit. It is very common for patients to quickly resume normal activities or return to work.

What to expect after treatment?

LANAP is a surgical procedure, so your body will adjust depending upon your individual pain tolerance. The first few days following the surgery you may experience mild soreness of the treated areas- generally alleviated with Ibuprofen. The gum tissues around the teeth may appear slightly discolored. Splints may be fabricated to stabilize and immobilize the teeth. It is important that you wear these splints as instructed to promote healing. Expect to have your bite adjusted during visits several times over the coming months; this is very important for healing.

  • Do not brush or floss for the first 7-10 days after treatment.
  • Follow a soft diet as recommended by your treating dentist.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking interferes with the healing process by impairing the body’s defense mechanisms.

How much will LANAP cost?

The cost of LANAP can vary depending on degree and extent of periodontal diseases but it is comparable to traditional osseous surgery. The best way to find out your costs is to come in for a consultation so the dentist can examine your periodontal disease. We will go over your payment options, including any insurance coverage or financing available to you. Flexible Payment Options We accept all PPO dental insurances and are in-network with Delta Dental Premier. We also offer interest-free financing & accept all major credit cards.

 "No cutting, no stitching no bleeding. It was easy and painless. And best of all no facial swelling and you can eat normally afterwards. What could be better than that?" 


Judy S.

"The procedured took less than 2 hours, was relatively painless and I experienced mild discomfort in the affected area for only around 24 hours."


Owen T.