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How to Keep Your Smile Healthy & White for Life

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Are you looking for a lasting way to keep your smile healthy and bright without doing damage to your teeth or your wallet? Our Whitening for Life membership program is an affordable lifetime solution that was designed for patients like you.

Teeth whitening toothpastes and most over-the-counter products use abrasives to remove surface stains from your teeth and can wear away your tooth enamel while leaving deeper discoloration untouched. A more effective but more costly option can be found at dental offices with gentle but professional strength treatment that can deeply whiten your teeth and reverse a lifetime of stains. But even after one professional teeth whitening treatment, your newly bright smile will fade over time with every sip of coffee, bite of chocolate or glass of wine.

When you join our Whitening for Life membership program you don't have to give up your favorite treats to maintain your newly bright smile. As a new member you will receive a custom mouth tray made in-office and a set of bleaching gels to whiten your smile at home. Then every 6 months, during your routine exam and cleaning, you receive a new bleaching gel to maintain your new bright smile - for as long as you're a patient!

At $299, this is a great value for patients who are committed to keeping their smiles healthy and bright, but don't want to give up their coffee, chocolate or wine.

Limited Enrollment Period

This offer is such a great deal that we can only offer it to 10 patients at a time. Sign-up before July 1, to save this offer! Then schedule your complimentary Zoom Teeth Whitening Consult online or give us a call at 650-273-4323 to get started!

Keep reading to learn about the professional teeth whitening solution we use and how to win your own Whitening for Life membership for FREE.

Philips NiteWhite Zoom Whitening Kit

Our program uses the Philips Zoom Nite White Whitening Kit , the best professional strength teeth whitening solution you can use at home - while you sleep. It strengthens your teeth while it gradually whitens your teeth, to prevent sensitivity.

  • Strengthens Teeth

  • Prevents Sensitivity

  • Professional Strength

You don't have to find a couple of hours in your schedule or deal with fussy strips or lights to get results.  Simply whiten your teeth while you sleep and wake up to a brighter smile! Learn more on our Teeth Whitening page.

Want to win FREE Teeth Whitening for Life membership?

In the month of June, we're raffling off a Whitening for Life membership to patients who refer their friends and family. Visit our Referral Program page, to learn about earning a gift card for every referral up to $75 and our other monthly referral prizes, including Disneyland Tickets and a Flatscreen HDTV!


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