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Drink more water for a healthier smile!

THERE'S GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE looking for an easy way to improve their smile. It's simple: drink more water! Before you reach for that soda or juice, consider rehydrating with water -- it is by far the healthiest drink available. Drinking enough water each day is incredibly critical for our bodies: it regulates body temperature, brings nutrients to our cells, helps our bodies get rid of waste, keeps our joints lubricated, and enables our organs to function properly -- not to mention gives our skin a healthy glow! Staying well-hydrated also has great mental benefits such as improving sleep quality and our mood, and cognition or mental processing.

But did you know that water also improves oral health, especially when drinking water with fluoride? Here are 5 ways drinking water benefits your mouth!

  1. Water Keeps Your Mouth Clean

Water is the only beverage that won't leave behind unwanted sugar. While drinking juice, soda or alcohol can help you wash down your meal, they can also feed the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth which loves to feed on sugar. This bacteria also produces acid which wears away at the enamel on the outer shell of your teeth. Water, on the other hand, cleans your mouth with with every sip, washing away leftover food and residue that cavity-causing bacteria gravitates to. Water will also dilute any acid produced by the bacteria in your mouth, helping to prevent tooth decay.

2. Healthy Hydration Prevents Gingivitis and Tooth Decay

Keeping your mouth hydrated means your gums will also stay hydrated, clean and comfortable! When gums become dry, they tend to swell and recede away from your teeth leaving your mouth susceptible to plaque that can cause gingivitis.

3. Water is Guilt-Free

While many sodas and juices can taste pretty good, it's wise to remember they can also be high in sugar which puts us at risk for tooth decay and cavities. Not to mention the added empty calories which can contribute to weight gain. Water is always sugar-free and calorie-free, helping us to cut calories and stay healthy!

4. Water Helps To Produce Your Best Natural Defender: Saliva

Did you know saliva contains helpful minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, copper and bicarbonates? These minerals provide an antimicrobial coating which buffers against bacteria and infection. Saliva, which is 99% water, is also an important part of keeping your mouth healthy and clean. When your mouth is low on saliva, dry mouth can occur which is a condition that makes it difficult to chew or swallow due to a lack of saliva. As your first line of defense against tooth decay, having sufficient saliva will wash away leftover food and allow you to chew and swallow easily.

5. Water is the Only Drink Which Can Strengthen and Whiten Teeth

Fluoride is known as "nature's cavity fighter"and can typically be found in tap water and bottled water. This mineral helps to not only rebuild but also strengthen the tooth's surface and enamel. After eating or drinking, and especially after pigment-rich food and drink like berries or coffee, swish with water to wash away food particles and anthoxanthins which can stain or discolor your teeth.

It's often said your mouth is a window to the health of your body, so if you aren't already in a habit of drinking water everyday, there's no better time to start than now! The benefits of drinking water will not only improve your oral health but your overall health as well. We think that's a great reason to keep the glass half full! Now that you understand the importance of water and oral health, hopefully you realize why dental health, good dental hygiene and check-ups are also important. Time to drink up!


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