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Smiles for All 

Volunteer Info

We're excited to have you join us! Please take the time to go over the information on this page to help make the day go smoothly for everyone.


Front Entrance of Westborough Professional Building


Entrance to Lower Level garage for volunteer parking

Volunteer Shifts


Sunday, October 20

AM Shift: 8:00am - 1:00pm 

PM Shift: 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Day Shift: 8:00am - 5:00pm (Lunch break scheduled at 1pm)

Saturday, October 19:

(Set-up for night before event)

6pm to 9pm


Please plan to arrive by 10-15min before your shift to allow for parking and registration



What to Bring & Wear
  • Form of Identification

  • Comfortable Shoes

  • Loupes & Lights (Dentists) 

Form of ID

To ensure everyone's safety and security, please bring a form of ID (Valid government IDs include drivers licenses, Real ID, passport, green card.) 


What to Wear

We will have volunteer shirts for you to change into at check-in.  Medical gowns will be provided for all clinical providers. Please wear comfortable shoes and pants as you may be standing or walking for most of the day. 

We will have limited storage for personal belongings. Please reconsider bringing bags and other valuable items.

Directions & Parking

We are located in the Westborough Professional Building at:

2400 Westborough Blvd, Suite 205, 
South San Francisco, CA | Map 


Where to Park

Park in the Lower Level Garage

Please note GPS directions to 2400 Westborough Blvd will take you to the front entrance of the building on Westborough Blvd (see image). Volunteers should park in the lower level garage (see image) that can be accessed from the back of the building.  From the front entrance, drive to the end of the parking lot towards the EXIT sign, go down the exit ramp and enter the garage at your first right. If the garage is full, please return to parking lot above the garage or find street parking nearby behind the building.  


Where to Find Us. 

We are located on the second floor in Suite 205.

From the lower level garage: Once parked, enter the building through the door on the far end and take the elevator or stairs up to the second floor. Turn left at the second floor and walk to Suite 205.

From upper level parking lot: Please head towards the Smiles for All sign to the front entrance. Note that there will be patients who have already lined up at this entrance. We will have someone monitor the front door to let you in. Take elevator up to the second floor, turn left and we're down the hall in suite 205.



Please check-in at the Volunteer Room  upon arrival to pick up your shirt and lanyard. Please follow signs to Volunteer Check-In. Please bring a form of ID to confirm identification. You will be directed to your team leader for orientation.  (Update: Volunteer room has moved. Please follow signs when you enter building)


Team Leaders

Every volunteer is assigned a team leader who is in charge of assigning roles and orienting volunteers. They are also the best person to turn to if you have any questions or concerns during the event. We’ll let you know who your team leader is when you check-in.


Volunteer Room

We will have a designated volunteer room for volunteers to take a break and eat. Please help us keep the reception and clinical areas quiet and clean by limiting personal conversations  and eating to this room.

We are fortunate to be able to use the entire building our office is located in. Please respect the space and help us keep this privilege by staying within the designated volunteer areas.


Patient Flow

Below is an outline of the patient flow for the day:

1. Registration - Receive forms to register

2. Screening - Medical history and health screening

3. Final Examination - Exam and confirm the service patient will receive

4. Pool - Waiting area in parking lot for treatment

5. Reception Room - Second waiting area for treatment

6. Treatment - Receives a cleaning, filling or extraction

7. Check-Out - Receives a gift bag and dental info

Services Provided

Adults over 18 years of age can receive a filling, a cleaning or extraction. Services are limited to one per person.  Children may receive an oral health screening and fluoride varnish.

Spread the Word

Please share Smiles for All with your community of friends, family and co-workers we can reach the people who need this event the most. You can share our Facebook Event and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Contact Info

Before Event

Questions or concerns? Availability change? Please contact

Day of Event

Running late? Have a last minute question? You can text or call Chris at (415) 488-6531

Contact Info
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