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Make Your Dream Smile a Reality with CareCredit

Updated: 13 hours ago

Have you been putting off straightening your teeth, whitening your smile or getting a complete veneer makeover? If you think your dream smile is simply out of reach financially, CareCredit can make it a reality. Just like buying a home or a car, CareCredit financing can help make a big investment in your smile more convenient and affordable. You can break down your payment into smaller more manageable monthly installments with no-interest or for lower interest than most major credit cards.* Millions of Americans and hundreds of our patients trust CareCredit every day to finance their dental care.

In addition to cosmetic dental treatment like teeth whitening or braces, CareCredit can also be used for preventative care like dental exams, fillings and cleanings. It can be used along with your dental insurance to help pay for your out-of-pocket costs.

CareCredit is not limited to dentistry, you can also use it for a wide variety of healthcare including LASIK, vision, dermatology, hearing, weight loss plans and even veterinary care for your pet! Hundreds of thousands of providers, hospitals and retailers across the country accept CareCredit including Wal-mart, Rite-Aid and more.

For All Your Dental Care Needs

From preventative treatment like exams, cleanings to cosmetic treatments like crowns, whitening and veneers, you can use CareCredit for nearly all dental procedures. Click here for a complete list of covered dental treatments.

Lower Rate than Most Credit Cards

CareCredit was especially designed to make healthcare more affordable with lower rates than most major credit cards. For qualifying loans, you can even get 0% interest-free financing! Ask us for more details.

Accepted By Providers Across the Nation

Over 200,000 healthcare providers and retailers accept CareCredit in the USA for dentistry, vision care, chiropractic visits, hearing aids, and veterinary care. Apply once and use it for nearly all of your healthcare needs.

What CareCredit Patients Have to Say

“Deciding to apply for CareCredit was one of the best decisions I could have made! I applied at the endodontist, when I needed a root canal because of a terrible toothache. Then taking my chihuahuas to the vet, CareCredit saved me again! Most recently it has allowed me to have braces again as an adult and help cover what insurance doesn't.” - Dana E.

“It was free and painless to apply and get a CareCredit card to take care of dental appointments since I had no dental insurance. Over the years, when it became necessary for "extensive" dental work - I preferred implants to bridges. My CareCredit line of credit was increased to accommodate my needs and payment was within my budget. It is a comfort to know the whole family benefits from one card.” - Joetta J.

Applying for CareCredit is easy! You can apply online get approved in just minutes or we can help walk you through it during your next visit. Don’t put your dream smile on hold any longer. Make it a reality by applying for CareCredit today!

*Subject to credit approval and for qualifying plans.


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