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The Main Causes of Childhood Cavities

WHAT LOVES SUGAR just as much as kids? Cavity-causing bacteria. That’s why dental caries or cavities are the most common childhood disease. Whenever we eat or drink something sugary or acidic, our saliva needs half an hour to wash away the residue. As your South San Francisco dentist for kids we've got tips like limiting sugar consumption to mealtimes and swapping out sugary snacks with fruits and veggies. Keep reading to learn more!

Be Careful With Bottles and Sippy Cups

We don’t recommend switching soda with fruit juice, because fruit juice is just as bad for a child’s teeth! Even milk contains sugar. Any drink that contains sugar can be very damaging to oral health if a child is left to sip on it between meals in a sippy cup or bottle. This kind of tooth decay is so common that it has nicknames: “baby bottle tooth decay” or “bottle rot.”

Set a Good Oral Health Example

We’re not insisting that parents cut their kids off from sugar entirely, but try to restrict sugary drinks and treats to mealtimes and cut back overall. Whole fruits, unlike fruit juices, are a healthy sweet snack that are full of fiber and nutrients. They're nature's candy! If a child needs a bottle or sippy cup to soothe them, fill it with water. It’s also essential to model good oral health habits for growing kids, like brushing and flossing and regular dentist appointments.

If it's been more than 6 months since your child's last check-up and cleaning, schedule their next visit today! Give us a call or text at (650) 871-1400 or schedule an appointment online.


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